Atlanta Hawks secure first pick in 2024 NBA Draft: Full list of draft order announced

The 2024 NBA Draft: A Surprising Turn of Events

The Atlanta Hawks defied the odds and clinched the coveted No. 1 pick in the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft during the Draft Lottery. Despite finishing with a record of 36-46 in the previous season, the Hawks only had a 3% chance of securing the first overall pick. This unexpected win marks the first time the Hawks have held the top spot since 1975. Their remarkable jump of nine spots to claim the No. 1 pick is a rare feat in NBA history, with only a few other teams achieving such success despite similar unfavorable odds.

2024 NBA Draft Order: First Round

The official draft order for the 2024 NBA Draft has been set, with the Wizards following the Hawks in the second spot, while the Rockets and Spurs complete the top four picks. Meanwhile, the Pistons, who had the worst record in the league last season, fell to the fifth spot. The draft will consist of 58 picks, with the Hawks leading the way as the first overall selection.

A Look at the Second Round

The NBA Draft will be spread over two nights, with the second round scheduled for June 27. This year’s draft features numerous traded picks, with a significant portion of the selections having changed hands prior to draft night. Notably, both the 76ers and Suns will be forfeiting their second-round picks due to free-agent tampering.

Top Prospects for the 2024 NBA Draft

Although the 2024 NBA Draft may not boast a clear-cut superstar or top pick, similar instances in the past have seen unexpected stars emerge. The upcoming draft class features a mix of international talents and college standouts, with the potential for hidden gems to shine on the NBA stage. Despite the lack of a predetermined top prospect, the draft promises to inject a new wave of talent into the league come June.

Below are the top 10 prospects from the CBS Sports NBA prospect rankings:

  1. Alex Sarr – Perth Wildcats
  2. Stephon Castle – UConn
  3. Nikola Topic – KK Mega Basket
  4. Rob Dillingham – Kentucky
  5. Zaccharie Risacher – Jeunesse Laïque de Bourg-en-Bresse
  6. Matas Buzelis – G League Ignite
  7. Donovan Clingan – UConn
  8. Reed Sheppard – Kentucky
  9. Ron Holland – G League Ignite
  10. Isaiah Collier – USC

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