Biden and Trump Utilize Jan. 6 Riot as Political Rallying Cry: Differing Perspectives on a Single Attack

Trump and Biden Mark 3rd Anniversary of Capitol Riot With Different Messages

Former President Donald Trump Campaigns in Iowa

Former President Donald Trump is set to spend the third anniversary of the Jan. 6 insurrection in Iowa, holding two rallies as part of his bid to win back the White House. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is planning to visit a site near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, where George Washington and the Continental Army faced challenges during the American Revolution. Both events will serve as platforms for Trump and Biden to present their narratives about the Capitol riot and the upcoming election.

Different Perspectives on the Capitol Riot

The dueling narratives surrounding the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol reflect the partisan divide in how the event is perceived. Trump is betting that the riot will not negatively impact his chances of winning the presidency again, while Biden sees it as an opportunity to highlight Trump’s role in the insurrection and emphasize the stakes of this year’s election.

The Capitol Riot and Its Aftermath

Loyalists of Trump stormed the Capitol building in an effort to halt Congress from certifying Biden’s victory. The attack resulted in nine deaths and led to more than 700 people facing legal consequences for their involvement. Federal prosecutors have charged Trump and accused him of promoting false and debunked theories of election fraud. Despite this, Trump maintains a strong lead in the Republican primary and his rivals avoid criticizing him over the Jan. 6 events.

The Republican Response to Jan. 6

While some prominent Republicans acknowledge that Jan. 6 was a terrible day, they downplay its significance and focus on other issues like Biden’s economic policies. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, for example, has referred to the attack as a “protest” that got out of hand, while former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley has called it a “terrible day.” However, Republican voters, for the most part, do not view Jan. 6 as a major concern.

Partisan Views on the Attack

A poll conducted in early 2022 showed that the percentage of U.S. adults who hold Trump responsible for Jan. 6 had decreased, indicating a partisan divide. More Republicans now believe that too much attention is being given to the attack, while Democrats and independents continue to view it as a serious incident. Another poll revealed that Democrats and some independents believe that a second Trump term would negatively impact U.S. democracy, while Republicans feel the same about another Biden term.

Biden’s Response to Jan. 6

Since taking office, Biden has consistently portrayed Trump and his supporters as threats to democracy. He has used his speeches to emphasize the importance of protecting the country’s democratic values and has awarded medals to individuals who played a role in defending the Capitol during the attack. Biden has stated that there is no doubt that Trump supported the insurrection.

Trump’s Defense Against Charges

As Trump faces federal charges related to Jan. 6 and potential challenges to his candidacy in Maine and Colorado, he argues that it is the Democrats who pose a threat to the nation’s core values. His campaign advisers have stated that Biden and his allies are the ones endangering democracy. However, this back-and-forth between the two sides may indicate a deeper issue with the state of democracy in the country.

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