Biden Refutes Special Counsel, Asserts: ‘I Have a Good Memory’

Investigation Finds President Biden Mishandled Classified Files

Investigation Finds President Biden Mishandled Classified Files

US President Joe Biden has been criticized for mishandling classified files, according to a recent investigation. The Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Hur found that Biden had improperly retained and disclosed classified documents related to military and foreign policy in Afghanistan. The scathing 345-page report also noted that the president’s memory had “significant limitations” and that he struggled to recall important life events.

Biden’s Response

In a surprise news briefing, President Biden strongly defended himself, stating that his memory is fine. He expressed outrage at the claim that he couldn’t remember when his son died, saying, “How the hell dare he raise that?” Biden dismissed the passages in the report that cast doubt on his recollection of events, stating, “I don’t need anyone to remind me when he [Beau Biden] passed away.”

Challenges and Denials

The investigation also revealed that Biden had shared sensitive material from hand-written notebooks with a ghostwriter for his memoir, though the president denied this claim. However, the special counsel concluded that it would be difficult to convict Biden of improper handling of files due to his age and poor memory. Opinion polls have shown that the president’s age is a concern for voters, but Biden confidently stated, “I am well-meaning and elderly. I know what the hell I’m doing.”

Responsibility and Blame

When asked about having classified documents in his home, Biden blamed his staff, claiming he was unaware that they had placed the sensitive memos in his garage next to a dog bed. He emphasized that his memory has not worsened during his presidency and insisted that he takes responsibility for his actions.

Comparison to Trump’s Case

The investigation also drew a distinction between Biden’s case and that of former President Donald Trump. While Biden handed over the classified documents to government archivists, Trump allegedly refused to return the documents, obstructed justice, and enlisted others to destroy evidence. Trump faces a trial for mishandling classified documents.

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