Brown Struggles to Decrease Insulin Costs in Toledo

Senator Brown’s Efforts to Lower Insulin Prices

TOLEDO, OH – U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) recently met with key stakeholders to discuss his ongoing efforts to reduce insulin costs for Ohio residents. The highlight of the discussion was the impact of the $35 monthly cap on insulin, a provision introduced in the Inflation Reduction Act, which Senator Brown played a crucial role in passing.

The Impact of the Price Cap

Senator Brown emphasized how the $35 cap has significantly reduced insulin expenses for Ohioans on Medicare. He expressed his commitment to extending this cap to all Americans, ensuring that no one has to pay more than $35 per month for this life-saving medication.

Dedicated Advocacy for Affordable Insulin

Senator Brown has long been a champion for affordable insulin. His support for legislation to cap insulin costs at $35 for everyone demonstrates his unwavering commitment to making essential medication accessible to all. Additionally, he backed an amendment to the Inflation Reduction Act to extend the $35 cap nationwide.

Stakeholder Testimonials

Doni Miller, CEO of Neighborhood Health Association, stressed the importance of capping insulin prices, highlighting the significant impact on individuals who depend on this medication for survival. Pharmacist Gregory Kramp echoed this sentiment, expressing relief for seniors who can now afford their medication without financial strain.

Terry Hinkle, an Ohioan Medicare beneficiary, expressed gratitude towards Senator Brown for the price cap, emphasizing the critical role it plays in keeping him healthy and alive.

Legislative Achievements

In addition to the Inflation Reduction Act, Senator Brown has been instrumental in advocating for measures to lower drug costs for seniors. His efforts include provisions for Medicare to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies and implementing rebates for companies that inflate prices.

Furthermore, Senator Brown has led initiatives to address abusive practices by pharmacy benefit managers, aiming to reduce drug prices for patients and alleviate financial burdens on pharmacies.

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