Capitol Police attacker convicted in Jan. 6 riot

Jan. 6 Rioter Sentenced to Federal Prison

Taylor James Johnatakis, a megaphone-wielding Jan. 6 rioter who led an attack on U.S. Capitol Police, has been sentenced to seven years in federal prison. Johnatakis, 40, from Kingston, Washington, was ordered to spend 87 months behind bars and pay $2,000 in restitution for his role in the riots.

Judge’s Ruling and Sentencing

During the trial, Johnatakis represented himself but the judge did not buy his claims. Senior U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth stated that Johnatakis’ actions on Jan. 6 were neither constitutionally protected nor civil disobedience. The judge emphasized that the First Amendment does not justify entering restricted areas or engaging in riotous activities.

Leadership Role in the Riots

The judge pointed out that in every angry mob, there are leaders and followers, with Johnatakis being identified as a leader. He was actively involved in inciting the violence, leading the attack on Capitol Police, and directing his fellow rioters to push barricades towards officers.

Social Media Posts

Johnatakis posted on social media about his plans to obstruct the election certification and change the course of history at the Capitol. His posts included statements like “Take the city down” and “What the British did to DC will be nothing.” These posts demonstrated his intentions to participate in violent and unlawful activities.

Arrest and Legal Consequences

The FBI arrested Johnatakis in his home state after identifying him through online postings. He was charged with misdemeanors including trespassing, disorderly conduct, physical violence, obstruction, assaulting, and resisting officers. His sentencing serves as a reminder that violent acts against law enforcement or government institutions will not be tolerated.

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