Capitol Police Remember January 6 Violence, Request Supreme Court to Bar Trump from Ballot

Capitol Police Officers File Amicus Brief Urging Supreme Court to Dismiss Trump’s First Amendment Argument

A group of brave Capitol Police officers who were present during the January 6 attack have taken a stand, filing an amicus brief to the Supreme Court. They are urging the justices to dismiss Donald Trump‘s First Amendment argument and uphold Colorado’s ruling disqualifying him from the presidential primary ballot.

The Importance of Holding Trump Accountable

The Capitol Police officers emphasized that it is crucial to hold the former president accountable for inciting violence on January 6, which resulted in the deaths of three officers. They vividly described the horrific treatment they endured, including being violently assaulted, spat on, tear-gassed, bear-sprayed, and subjected to racial slurs and epithets by Trump supporters.

Inside Washington

Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as they storm the US Capitol in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021

Incitement of Lawless Action

The officers cited the landmark case Brandenburg v Ohio (1969) to support their argument. They explained that when Trump directed his followers to “fight like hell” and “take back our country,” he was inciting lawless action. According to the Brandenburg ruling, the government cannot punish inflammatory speech unless it incites lawlessness.

The First Amendment Defense

Trump has argued that his speech leading up to and on January 6th was not incendiary and is protected under the First Amendment. However, the Capitol Police officers and their counsel strongly disagree, asserting that Trump’s January 6 speech exhibited all the hallmarks of incitement.

The Capitol Police’s Stance

It’s important to note that the Capitol Police’s amicus brief only focused on Trump’s First Amendment argument. They did not express an opinion on other questions presented in the case, such as whether Colorado erred in their decision to remove him from the presidential primary ballot or whether the president is considered a US officer.

The Significance of the Case

The Capitol Police’s brief is just one of over 50 amicus briefs submitted to the court in Trump v Anderson et al. This highly anticipated case will determine whether or not Trump will be allowed to appear on primary presidential ballots. Oral arguments for this case are scheduled to take place next Thursday.

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