Chair of January 6 committee urges Mike Pence to voluntarily cooperate

US House Committee Seeks Mike Pence‘s Testimony on Capitol Riot

The US House committee investigating the Capitol riot has expressed its intention to request former vice president Mike Pence to voluntarily provide answers to its inquiries. Rep Bennie Thompson, chair of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, anticipates this engagement within the month.

Mike Pence’s Role in the Capitol Riot

Mr Pence found himself in a pivotal position during the events of January 6, 2021, when Congress was set to certify Joe Biden’s presidential election victory. While overseeing the final vote, he faced pressure from outgoing president Donald Trump to overturn the certification, a move that Mr Pence rejected, upholding the election results.

Capitol Riot and Mike Pence’s Ordeal

As tensions escalated, a mob of Mr Trump’s supporters, spurred by his rhetoric, stormed Congress in a violent attempt to halt the certification process. Amidst the chaos, chants of “Hang Mike Pence” reverberated, highlighting the severity of the situation.

Committee’s Quest for Truth

Chairman Thompson underscored the importance of Mike Pence’s testimony, emphasizing the need to understand his perspective on the events of January 6. While the committee has not issued a formal request or subpoena, Mr Thompson hopes that Mr Pence will voluntarily cooperate and shed light on crucial details.

Security Concerns and Testimony

Following the harrowing events, Secret Service agents swiftly relocated Mr Pence to safety, evading a potentially dangerous encounter with the mob. The committee aims to ascertain the details of Mr Pence’s security briefing during the riot to glean insights into the unfolding crisis.

Cooperation of Inner Circle

While Mr Pence has not confirmed his willingness to testify, reports indicate that members of his inner circle, including former chief of staff Marc Short and national security advisor Keith Kellogg, have already engaged with the committee, signaling a level of cooperation.

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