CHK Kosher Certification No Longer Approved for Shore Harbor Meats

### Changes in Kashrus Certification

The Shor Habor brand, which was Lubavitch Shechita, and other AgriStar beef and poultry will no longer be under the certification of CHK, rabbis of the Crown Heights Beis Din announced. In a public letter, Rabbi Avraham Osdoba and Rabbi Yosef Braun, members of the Crown Heights Beis Din and its CHK certification, addressed the community and consumers regarding the decision.

### Upholding Kashrus Standards

The Rabbonim of the Bais Din of Crown Heights emphasized their duty to ensure the highest standards of kosher supervision within their community and beyond. Despite efforts to maintain proper kashrus standards at the AgriStar plant, significant challenges arose due to resistance from the management, hindering the implementation of necessary adjustments and protocols.

### Strained Relationship and Withdrawal of Certification

The strained relationship between the Beis Din and AgriStar management, along with inconsistent adherence to proper procedures, led to the difficult decision to withdraw the kosher certification from AgriStar. While the plant has a history of association with CHK and invested in promoting the Hechsher, issues related to trust and adherence to kashrus protocols became insurmountable.

### Impact on Products and Consumers

As a result of the decision, the Shor Habor brand, and other AgriStar beef and poultry products will no longer bear the CHK supervision. Consumers were assured that products produced before the certification withdrawal can still be used, but any items manufactured thereafter will not carry the CHK logo. The Vaad Hakashrus is actively working on increasing the supply of CHK meat and poultry from alternate sources to meet consumer demand.

### Advocating for High Kashrus Standards

The Rabbonim urged members of the community, Anash elsewhere, and all consumers to prioritize the highest standards of Kashrus and choose CHK products whenever possible. The decision to withdraw the certification from AgriStar was made with a heavy heart but was deemed necessary to uphold the integrity of the kashrus standards set by the Crown Heights Beis Din.

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