Climate scientist Michael Mann awarded $1 million in defamation lawsuit against US climate science skepticism and denial

Climate Scientist Awarded $1 Million in Defamation Lawsuit

Climate Scientist Awarded $1 Million in Defamation Lawsuit

The Verdict

The renowned climate scientist, Michael Mann, has been granted a substantial sum of $1 million by a jury in a defamation lawsuit. This lawsuit was filed against two conservative writers who compared Mann’s portrayal of global warming to the work of a convicted child molester.


The legal battle dates back 12 years. Mann’s lawyer celebrated the verdict, emphasizing its significance for scientists dedicated to answering crucial questions regarding human health and the planet.

The Hockey Stick Graph

Mann gained prominence with his groundbreaking graph, known as the “hockey stick,” which was initially published in 1998 in the journal Nature. This graph vividly depicted the warming of the planet, with temperatures in the northern hemisphere remaining relatively stable for 900 years until a sharp increase in the 20th century.

Recognition and Controversy

Mann’s work earned him widespread recognition, as it was included in a UN climate panel report in 2001 and featured in Al Gore’s acclaimed documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. However, his research faced opposition when leaked emails from Mann and his colleagues sparked allegations of data manipulation in the incident known as “Climategate.”

Defamation and Lawsuit

In 2012, two conservative writers, Rand Simberg and Mark Steyn, published articles comparing Mann’s investigations to the case of Jerry Sandusky, a convicted child molester. Simberg went as far as accusing Mann of “molesting and torturing data.” Mann filed a lawsuit against both writers and their publishers.

The Trial and Verdict

After a four-week jury trial in the District of Columbia superior court, punitive damages of $1,000 were awarded against Simberg, while Steyn faced a much larger penalty of $1,000,000. Mann’s legal team hailed the verdict as a message that false attacks on climate scientists are not protected speech.

Mann’s Response

In response to the verdict, Mann expressed his hope that it would serve as a warning against baseless attacks on climate scientists, emphasizing the importance of protecting scientific integrity.

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