CNN projects Biden to secure first delegates of 2024 by winning South Carolina Democratic primary

South Carolina Primary Results: Biden Wins Democratic Nomination

South Carolina Primary Results: Biden Wins Democratic Nomination

In an anticipated outcome, Joe Biden has emerged victorious in the South Carolina primary, marking his first official primary win of the 2024 campaign. This victory comes as no surprise, as South Carolina played a crucial role in launching Biden to the Democratic nomination four years ago.

Biden’s Strong Start

Biden secured all 55 delegates at stake in the South Carolina primary, setting him on a path towards securing his party’s nomination once again. This triumph signifies the impact of South Carolina’s voters and their ability to breathe new life into Biden’s campaign, just as they did in 2020.

South Carolina’s Prominent Position

This year, South Carolina has been elevated to the front of the official Democratic nominating calendar, a change primarily influenced by Biden himself. The state’s newfound prominence reflects its significance in shaping the future of the Democratic Party. By listening to the voices of South Carolina’s citizens, Biden is confident that they have set him on the trajectory towards victory once again, and an opportunity to defeat Donald Trump.

DNC Shifts Focus

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) made a strategic decision to prioritize South Carolina over the traditional states of Iowa and New Hampshire. The move was prompted by criticism that these predominantly white electorates did not represent the diversity of the Democratic Party as a whole. As a result, South Carolina has emerged as a more accurate reflection of the party’s voter base.

Challenges for Iowa and New Hampshire

While Iowa accepted the changes and opted for a mail-in caucus, New Hampshire defiantly held a rogue Democratic contest alongside the Republican primary. However, the DNC responded by stripping New Hampshire of its delegates to the party’s 2024 convention. Despite this setback, loyalists of President Biden launched a successful write-in campaign on his behalf, securing him a significant majority of the vote.

Biden’s Commitment to South Carolina

Biden made two visits to South Carolina last month, solidifying the state’s status as the first primary of the 2024 Democratic race. Vice President Kamala Harris also played a crucial role in rallying support at South Carolina State University. Biden expressed his gratitude to the state’s voters, highlighting their unwavering support throughout his political journey.

The Importance of South Carolina

Although Biden faced minimal competition in the Democratic nomination race, the South Carolina primary held significant importance for the president. It served as a symbolic return to the state that propelled him to victory in 2020, despite his earlier struggles in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. South Carolina’s large Black population and the endorsement from influential Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn played a vital role in securing Biden’s dominant win.

Building Support with Black Voters

The Biden campaign recognized the significance of South Carolina’s Black voters in securing his nomination and their importance in key battleground states. By solidifying support among this crucial demographic, Biden aims to strengthen his chances of re-election in states like Georgia and the “blue wall” states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Looking Ahead

The South Carolina primary results pave the way for the upcoming Republican primary, where former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will attempt to slow down former President Donald Trump’s momentum. However, recent polls indicate a significant lead for Trump in his home-state primary.

It’s clear that the South Carolina primary has set the stage for an exciting and competitive 2024 campaign. As Biden focuses on the general election, he emphasizes that this mission is not just about him, but about the future of the country and the protection of democracy.

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