Congress neglects duty to honor Jan. 6 police officers by failing to install plaque

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The Delay in Installing Honorary Plaque Honoring Capitol Police Officers

Legislative Stagnation and Frustration

Within the confines of a gridlocked Congress, the pace of work on Capitol Hill has often been criticized for its sluggishness. However, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat representing a Northern California Bay Area district, is particularly vexed by a specific delay.

Recently speaking with CBS News, Lofgren expressed her dismay at the lack of response to her inquiries regarding the completion of a small plaque honoring police officers who safeguarded the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Call for Action on the Plaque

In a letter addressed to House Speaker Mike Johnson, Lofgren underscored her deep concern about the delay in installing the plaque, which was mandated by law to be affixed to the western side of the Capitol building.

Political Implications and Concerns

Following the passage of a spending bill that required the creation and installation of the plaque, several House Democrats have raised questions about the reasons behind the plaque’s delay. The delay, as highlighted in a CBS News review, has been tied to the contentious political atmosphere of 2024.

Importance of Honoring Officers

Lofgren, having served on the House Select Jan. 6 committee, emphasized the crucial nature of the plaque honoring the officers who were subjected to brutal attacks. She stressed that non-compliance with the law is also a form of disrespect to those who put their lives on the line to protect others.

Compilation of Officer Names

According to Page 130 of the legislation, various congressional committees were tasked with compiling a list of officers who responded to the January 6 violence. While Democrats on the committees have fulfilled their obligations, Republicans have remained silent on the progress.

Outcry from Officers

Retired Capitol Police Sgt. Aqulino Gonell has demanded immediate installation of the plaque, emphasizing the need for the American people to acknowledge the sacrifices made by officers to protect the Capitol.

Architect of the Capitol Appointment

With the recent appointment of a new Architect of the Capitol, responsible for overseeing the historic markers on the Capitol grounds, pressure has mounted on House Speaker Mike Johnson to expedite the installation of the plaque.

Renewed Calls for Action

Various House Democrats, including Rep. Bennie Thompson and House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, have criticized the delay in installing the plaque as disrespectful to those who defended the institution on January 6, 2021.

Final Appeal for Compliance

In a letter dated May 6, Lofgren urged swift action from the House to rectify the oversight and ensure the prompt installation of the plaque in accordance with the law. Despite her pleas, responses from the Speaker’s office have been notably absent.

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