Conviction of Jan. 6 Rioter Alleged to Have Provoked Breach

Key Instigator of U.S. Capitol Takeover Convicted

Key Instigator of U.S. Capitol Takeover Convicted


A rioter involved in the Jan. 6 events at the U.S. Capitol has been convicted of several felonies. Prosecutors claimed that this individual played a crucial role in instigating the violence that led to the takeover. The defendant, along with four co-defendants, now faces serious legal consequences.


Ryan Samsel, a 39-year-old barber from Pennsylvania, has been convicted on charges of federal assault and obstructing the confirmation of the 2020 presidential election. He was identified by investigators through photographic and video evidence as the person responsible for assaulting a U.S. Capitol officer, knocking her unconscious. This action is believed to have cleared the way for other rioters to enter the Capitol building. Prosecutors argue that Samsel, along with four other men he did not previously know, continued to engage in violent behavior and encouraged others to join in.

The Tipping Point:

Law enforcement authorities have pointed to Ryan Samsel as the key instigator who turned a rowdy pro-Donald Trump protest into a violent riot. Witnesses claim that Samsel was among the first individuals to breach barricades and throw them at officers. His actions at the Peace Circle set the stage for the chaos that ensued.

Notoriety and Conspiracies:

Prior to his arrest, Samsel gained notoriety through viral videos that captured him assaulting officers and interacting with prominent individuals within the protest. He was seen speaking with Joe Biggs, a leader of the Proud Boys, shortly before charging the barricades. This encounter played a significant role in a seditious conspiracy trial that ultimately led to Biggs’ sentencing. Samsel’s brief interaction with Ray Epps also fueled baseless conspiracies suggesting Epps was a federal agent intent on causing chaos amongst Trump supporters.

Sentencing and Testimony:

A sentencing hearing for Ryan Samsel is scheduled for June, where he may be facing multiple years in prison. Throughout the trial, Samsel and his co-defendants, James T. Grant, Paul R. Johnson, Stephen C. Randolph, and Jason B. Blythe, did not testify on their own behalf. In contrast, Officer Caroline Edwards, who was attacked and knocked unconscious by Samsel, testified about the harrowing experience of being overrun by rioters.


Ryan Samsel, the convicted rioter, has been found guilty of multiple felonies for his role in instigating violence during the U.S. Capitol takeover. His actions were deemed critical in sparking the breach of the Capitol building, leading to hours of chaos. Alongside his co-defendants, Samsel now faces the legal consequences for their actions on that fateful day.

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