Death toll in Moscow concert hall attack increases to 133

Russian Authorities Arrest Suspects Linked to Moscow Concert Hall Attack

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the arrest of four men suspected of carrying out the deadly attack on a suburban Moscow concert hall that claimed the lives of at least 133 people. Authorities believe the perpetrators were attempting to flee to Ukraine. The Islamic State group’s affiliate in Afghanistan claimed responsibility for the assault.

US Intelligence Confirms IS Responsible for the Attack

A US intelligence official confirmed that IS was behind the assault and had previously warned Moscow of the impending attack. The attack left scores of concertgoers injured and the venue in ruins. Putin described it as a “bloody, barbaric terrorist act” and imposed additional security measures throughout Russia, declaring a day of mourning.

Investigations and Response

Investigators were sifting through the wreckage of the hall to locate more victims, with authorities indicating that the death toll may rise. Despite US warnings, the attack came as a shock, with many questioning how authorities failed to prevent it. The Russian leader condemned the assault and accused the attackers of attempting to escape to Ukraine.

International Reactions

Messages of outrage and support poured in from around the world following the attack. The UN Security Council condemned the “heinous and cowardly terrorist attack,” underscoring the need for accountability. IS, which has targeted Russia in the past, claimed responsibility for the assault.

Previous Threats and Intelligence

Russian security agencies had thwarted previous IS attacks, and US intelligence agencies had shared information about a potential attack in Moscow with Russian officials. The IS branch in Afghanistan had a history of targeting Russia, and there was no evidence of Ukrainian involvement in the recent attack.

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