Defense Concludes Without Donald Trump Testifying in Hush Money Trial

Trump Hush Money Trial: Defense Rests Without Former President Testifying

Donald Trump’s legal team has wrapped up their defense in the New York hush money criminal trial without the former president taking the stand. This move brings the case closer to the jury’s decision on Trump’s fate.

Former President’s Silence

After testimony from a former federal prosecutor attacking the credibility of the prosecution’s key witness, Trump’s lawyer announced, “Your honor, the defense rests.” Trump, who is the first former American president to face a criminal trial, did not speak to reporters as he left the courthouse.

Jury Instructions and Deliberations

The jury will reconvene on May 28 for closing arguments, with deliberations expected to begin soon after. Judge Juan M. Merchan informed the jury that instructions on deliberations would take about an hour before they could start discussing the case.

Prosecution’s Allegations

Prosecutors accuse Trump of manipulating business records to conceal payments made to bury negative stories during his 2016 presidential campaign. Trump maintains his innocence and claims the charges are politically motivated.

Defense’s Argument

The defense argues that Trump’s actions were intended to protect his family and reputation, rather than influence the election. They contend that there was no criminal intent in the alleged activities.

Legal Battle Continues

As the trial progresses, both sides present their cases in court, with the judge yet to rule on the defense’s request to dismiss the charges. The outcome of this high-profile trial remains uncertain as the proceedings unfold.

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