Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin receives prostate cancer diagnosis

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Hospitalized

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Hospitalized

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Complications

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December. The cancer was detected early through routine lab tests. Austin underwent a prostatectomy, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, on December 22 while under general anesthesia.

Hospitalization and Intensive Care

Complications arose from the procedure, leading to Austin’s admission to Walter Reed National Military Center on January 1. The complications resulted in symptoms like severe abdominal, hip, and leg pain, along with nausea. These prompted his transfer to the intensive care unit for close monitoring and a higher level of care.

Pentagon’s Delayed Notification

The Pentagon faced criticism for taking three days to inform the White House and key defense officials about Austin’s hospitalization. The delay triggered a review of procedures to address how the head of the military could be away from his duties without senior members of the administration knowing.

Austin’s Cancer Diagnosis Revealed to Biden

President Joe Biden and other top White House officials learned about Austin’s hospitalization on Thursday, but they were unaware of his cancer diagnosis until Tuesday morning. This information was made public hours before Walter Reed officials released an official statement.

Recovery and Progress

Austin’s prognosis for recovery is excellent. His infection has cleared, and he continues to make progress, although the recovery process can be slow. The officials assured that Austin never lost consciousness during his hospitalization and did not undergo general anesthesia again.

Austin’s Ongoing Duties

Austin remains actively engaged in his duties as defense chief. While questions arose regarding his rigorous travel schedule, officials affirmed that he continues to monitor the Department of Defense’s operations worldwide.

Commitment to Austin and Ongoing Presidential Term

Austin is not resigning, and President Biden intends to support him throughout the rest of his presidential term.

Formal Inquiry and Transparent Disclosure

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mike Rogers has initiated a formal inquiry into the lack of transparency surrounding Austin’s hospitalization. The inquiry seeks details on medical sedation, general anesthesia, instructions regarding disclosure, and any official acts performed during the period. Hicks and Austin’s chief of staff are also expected to provide specific information about their knowledge and actions during that time.

Prostate Cancer Awareness

Prostate cancer is the most common cause of cancer among American men, impacting 1 in every 8 men and 1 in every 6 Black men, as highlighted by Walter Reed officials.

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