Delhi experiences unbearable heat as temperatures exceed 50C

India’s Severe Heatwave Alert

Record High Temperatures in Indian Capital

India is currently experiencing a severe heatwave, with temperatures soaring to a provisional record high of 52.3C (126.1F) in Delhi, the capital city. More than 37 cities across the country have reported temperatures over 45C this week. Heat-related illnesses have been a concern, with three reported deaths so far.

Heatwave Conditions Persist

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) is closely monitoring the situation, with temperatures expected to remain high in various parts of India for the coming days. A team has been dispatched to verify the extreme temperature recorded in the Mungeshpur area of Delhi, described as an outlier compared to other stations.

Water Conservation Efforts

Authorities in Delhi have taken strict measures to conserve water during this heatwave, including issuing fines to those wasting water. The city is facing shortages, leading to supply cuts in certain areas. Efforts to crackdown on water wastage, such as washing cars with hosepipes, have been intensified.

Community Impact

Residents and businesses are feeling the effects of the extreme heat, with power demand hitting an all-time high as people rely on air conditioning and fans to stay cool. In response to the soaring temperatures, a consumer court has halted proceedings due to the unbearable heat.

Medical Concerns

Red alerts have been issued in several north-western regions of India, signaling a high risk of heat-related illnesses. Medical consultations have increased during the heatwave, particularly affecting vulnerable populations such as the elderly and migrant workers.

Efforts are being made to provide relief to those working in construction sites and other outdoor areas, including mandatory paid breaks and access to drinking water. The IMD has forecast more heatwave days in the upcoming month of June, warning of prolonged and intense heatwaves across the country.

Impact of Global Warming

Scientists attribute the increase in extreme heatwaves in India to global warming. Factors such as urbanization, lack of green spaces, and heavy traffic contribute to the escalating temperatures in cities like Delhi. The ongoing heatwave coincides with recovery efforts in coastal regions affected by Cyclone Remal, which has claimed multiple lives.

With an above-average monsoon season predicted for India, relief from the scorching temperatures may be on the horizon. The IMD anticipates the monsoon to make landfall in Kerala by the end of May, offering a reprieve from the intense heat gripping the nation.

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