Double Deluge: Southern California Braces for Back-to-Back Soaking with Pineapple Express and Weekend Storm

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Severe Storms to Hit Southern California


Severe storms are expected to hit Southern California, bringing heavy rainfall and gusty winds. The region is under flood alerts, with more than 20 million people at risk of flash flooding. Another stronger storm is also expected to follow, continuing the rainy conditions well into the next month.

El Niño and Atmospheric Rivers

El Niño, a natural phenomenon in the tropical Pacific, affects the weather worldwide. It causes changes in the jet stream, leading storms to directly target California. These storms can tap into an extra-potent moisture supply called an atmospheric river, resulting in heavy rainfall.

Current Situation

The first atmospheric river has already hit Northern California and is now moving southwards. Central California is experiencing steady rainfall, which will continue into Thursday. The heaviest rainfall is expected in areas north of San Luis Obispo to the California-Oregon state line, including the Bay Area. By Thursday morning, Southern California will also experience steady rainfall and stronger winds. Flood risk is highest for roads and low-lying areas, with possible rises in waterways.

Preparations and Response

California officials are preparing for potential impacts and have deployed hundreds of crew members across the state. Swift water personnel and equipment are in place to respond to emergency calls. Winter storm warnings are also in effect for parts of Northern California and the Sierra Nevada, where significant snowfall is expected. This snowfall is crucial for California’s water supply.

Upcoming Storms

Showery weather is expected on Friday, followed by another more potent storm on Sunday. The second storm has the potential to be the largest of the season, with a prolonged flood threat for Southern California. More rain and snow are likely across the rest of the state.


Severe storms are set to impact Southern California, bringing heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and a risk of flooding. California officials are taking necessary precautions to respond to potential emergency calls. The upcoming storms, particularly the second one, have the potential to cause significant damage. It is crucial for residents to stay informed and prepared for the severe weather conditions.

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