Dozens of Employees at Texas University Lose Jobs due to State Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ban

University of Texas Implements Staff Layoffs in Response to Anti-DEI Law

Impact of Senate Bill 17

A recent anti-diversity, equity, and inclusion law in Texas has led to significant changes at the University of Texas at Austin. Following the implementation of Senate Bill 17, aimed at restricting DEI programs in public colleges, the university has initiated the layoff of at least 60 staff members who were previously employed in DEI-related positions.

Escalation of Attacks on Marginalized Groups

This decision reflects a broader trend of attacks on programs supporting marginalized groups in higher education institutions across red states like Texas and Florida. The fear of professors and students leaving for more liberal states has been triggered by the closure of safe spaces for LGBTQ students and other DEI initiatives.

Changes and Reallocation of Resources

Despite not confirming the exact number of staff layoffs, the University of Texas has announced the closure of the Division of Campus and Community Engagement. President Jay Hartzell emphasized the need to restructure programs to align with the new law and redirect resources towards teaching and research.

Concerns and Community Impact

Students and faculty members have expressed disappointment and concern over the university’s compliance with SB 17. The loss of essential services and support programs, such as the Multicultural Engagement Center, has left many feeling abandoned and underserved.

Continued Efforts and Student Support

While facing criticism for overcompliance with the law, UT Austin remains committed to supporting students through the semester. The Division of Student Affairs is working to ensure that student-facing services continue, and resources are being offered to staff members affected by the layoffs.

Nationwide Impact of Anti-DEI Legislation

States across the country are grappling with similar challenges as conservative lawmakers introduce bills to dismantle DEI programs in higher education. The impact of these laws extends beyond Texas, with over 80 related bills introduced in state legislatures nationwide.


As the University of Texas navigates the repercussions of anti-DEI legislation, the future of diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education remains uncertain. The ongoing changes underscore the need for a balanced approach that supports all students while complying with state laws.

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