Effective immediately, parking garages in Miami Beach will be closed for spring break

Parking Changes in Miami Beach for Spring Break

As the spring break season kicks off in Miami Beach, parking restrictions are causing frustration for locals and visitors alike. The Miami Beach City Commission recently voted to close most city parking garages and increase rates during peak weekends to manage the influx of tourists.

City Garage Closures

City Garage 1 on 42nd Street in Mid Beach is now closed to everyone except Miami Beach residents and local business employees. The flat rate for parking has been set at $100, leading to disgruntled drivers and limited parking availability.

Impact on Workers

While some workers have been granted exemptions from the high parking fees, finding a spot near their workplace remains a challenge. Many employees have resorted to walking long distances to get to work due to the lack of available parking spaces.

Street Parking Restrictions

Street parking along popular areas like Washington Avenue has been barricaded off, further limiting parking options for visitors. Private parking lots have also increased their rates in response to the city’s temporary rules, with flat rates ranging from $20 to $25.

Visitor Response

Despite the parking challenges, visitors like Jay Patel from the University of North Carolina are still flocking to Miami Beach for spring break. However, Patel and his friends are already making plans to escape to Fort Lauderdale due to the anticipated increase in prices and tighter restrictions over the weekend.


As Miami Beach grapples with parking issues during the busy spring break season, both locals and visitors are feeling the impact of the city’s new regulations. The changes in parking availability and pricing are forcing many to seek alternative solutions to enjoy their time in the vibrant beach destination.

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