Eleven injured in hotel explosion in Fort Worth

Explosion at Fort Worth Hotel Injures 11

Explosion at Fort Worth Hotel Injures 11

Gas Explosion at Sandman Hotel

The Fort Worth Fire Department is currently responding to a gas explosion at the Sandman Hotel on Houston St. in Fort Worth, Texas. The incident was reported on Monday afternoon, with the first call coming in at 3:32 p.m. Multiple calls described it as a “type of explosion”.

Injuries and Hospitalizations

MedStar has reported that there are as many as 11 patients affected by the explosion. Out of these, one patient is in critical condition, and two others have sustained serious injuries. Fortunately, all of the patients only have minor injuries. Nine patients have already been transported to local hospitals for treatment.

Possible Cause of the Explosion

According to Craig Trojacek, the Public Information Officer for the Fort Worth Fire Department, their investigation indicates that the explosion was caused by a gas leak. However, they are uncertain if the smell of gas preceded the explosion or if the explosion caused the gas smell. The investigation is still ongoing.

Immediate Response and Evacuation

The Fort Worth Police have established a Family Reunification Area at Sundance Square on 420 Main Street. As a precaution, all Tarrant County offices in downtown are closed. Jason Allen, a witness who was present at the hotel during the explosion, reported smelling natural gas before the incident occurred. He and his companions managed to evacuate the building through a stairwell that was partially destroyed, jumping a few feet to safety.

Continued Search and Safety Measures

Emergency crews will continue to search the building and ensure that everyone has been safely evacuated. As of 5:30 p.m., the City of Fort Worth has given the “all-clear” and confirmed that the hotel building has been cleared. They have also located the one hotel guest who was initially reported as missing.


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