Ethics Complaint Filed Against Doug Mastriano for Election Overturn Efforts

Investigation Requested into Senator Doug Mastriano’s Actions Leading to the Capitol Attack

State Sen. Art Haywood Calls for Senate Investigation

State Sen. Art Haywood, D-Montgomery, is urging the Senate to launch an investigation into Sen. Doug Mastriano, R-Franklin. Haywood accuses Mastriano of promoting former President Donald Trump‘s baseless claims of election fraud, which ultimately led to the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

Misinformation and Distrust

According to Haywood, Mastriano used his position of influence to spread misinformation about the 2020 election, causing public distrust. Haywood emphasized that Mastriano organized a hearing in Gettysburg in November 2020, where Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the former president himself spread falsehoods about the election.

Mastriano’s Involvement

Mastriano not only spread misinformation but also actively participated in the events that unfolded on January 6th. He organized a rally at the U.S. Capitol, busing in supporters and crossing police barricades. Although he denies crossing lines established by law enforcement, his involvement raises concerns.

Notable Conservative Supporters

When Mastriano announced his candidacy for governor in 2022, his launch party drew notable conservatives, including former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who endorsed him. Flynn was a key figure in the movement to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

Election Results and Accountability

Despite Mastriano’s efforts, he lost the election to Gov. Josh Shapiro by a significant margin. However, Haywood and others believe that accountability should extend beyond the individuals who stormed the Capitol. They argue that those who pushed and peddled the lies that inspired the violence should also be held responsible.

Watchdog Group’s Involvement

The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, D.C. assisted Haywood in gathering research for his ethics complaint against Mastriano. The group’s policy counsel, Brie Sparkman, expressed concern about Mastriano’s role in the insurrection and the potential threat he poses to democratic institutions.

Calls for Preventive Measures

Michael Fanone, a former officer who was attacked by rioters on January 6th, is advocating for increased measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again. Fanone stressed the need for accountability for not only those who stormed the Capitol but also those who spread the lies that motivated them.

Ethics Complaint and Senate Review

Haywood’s ethics complaint against Mastriano will undergo review in the Senate. A decision to initiate an investigation will be made based on the findings. The announcement of the complaint on the first day of the Senate session was met with some disapproval from leadership.

Potential Consequences

If Mastriano is found in violation of ethical standards, he could face consequences such as reprimand, censure, or expulsion. However, the final decision will be made by the committee, consisting of members from both the majority and minority parties.

Mastriano’s office has not responded to requests for comment.

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