Exploring the Political Influence of Fashion: A Lecture by the Honors College

### Fashion Identity and Power Lecture

The iconic scene from *The Devil Wears Prada* where fashion editor Miranda Priestly berates her assistant for thinking she is above industry trends speaks volumes about the complex systems behind the clothes we wear. Eric Darnell Pritchard, an associate professor of English, will delve into the ways fashion impacts and is impacted by the world’s social, political, and economic landscape in their upcoming public lecture “Fashion Identity and Power.”

### Tracking Trends Over Time

Conceptions of fashion often revolve around the latest trends, but our relationship with clothing builds on attitudes from previous decades. Pritchard emphasizes the importance of contextualizing our outfits by examining the historical factors behind clothing choices. By understanding the social and political forces at play in the past, we can better analyze today’s fashion landscape.

### Designing for Diverse Fields

From exploring how historical figures used dress in activism to discussing the criminalization of certain styles, Pritchard’s lecture will take an interdisciplinary approach. They highlight the relevance of STEM disciplines in fashion conversations, noting that engineering plays a crucial role in garment manufacturing and design. By incorporating diverse perspectives, Pritchard aims to create a dynamic learning environment for students from various academic backgrounds.

### About Eric Darnell Pritchard

Pritchard, an award-winning writer and scholar, is the endowed Brown Chair in English Literacy and an associate professor of English. Their upcoming book, *Abundant Black Joy: The Life and Work of Patrick Kelly*, delves into the life of 1980s fashion designer Patrick Kelly. With a focus on intersectionality and queer worldmaking, Pritchard’s work sheds light on the cultural significance of fashion.

### Signature Seminars Explore Diverse Topics

*Fashion, Identity and Power* is just one of the exciting Honors College Signature Seminars scheduled for the upcoming academic year. Other topics include *Technology Craft*, *Gothic*, and *The Geography of Star Trek*. These seminars offer students the opportunity to engage with complex and diverse subjects while working closely with top professors at the University of Arkansas.

The Honors College at the University of Arkansas provides high-achieving undergraduate students with transformative learning experiences. Through small, in-depth classes and interdisciplinary collaborations, students have the opportunity to engage in mentored research and explore their academic interests. The Honors College is known for its rigorous academic programs and commitment to fostering a community of scholars dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.

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