Far-right makes significant gains in EU election, dealing major blows to Macron and Scholz in France and Germany

EU Regional Election Results: Far-Right Surge

Voting in the European Union’s regional lawmaker elections has concluded, marking a significant shift in political landscape with surging far-right parties dealing blows to key leaders.

Far-Right Parties Gain Ground

An initial projection indicated significant gains for far-right parties across the EU, with parties like France’s National Rally and Germany’s AfD making substantial strides.

Leaders’ Reactions

French President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the national parliament following Marine Le Pen’s dominance in the polls, while German Chancellor Olaf Scholz faced defeat as AfD surged in second place.

Mainstream Parties Retain Dominance

Despite far-right gains, mainstream parties like the Christian Democrats and Socialists remained dominant in the EU parliament, with the Greens experiencing losses.

Impact on European Policies

The rise of far-right parties could impact EU policies on issues like migration, security, and climate, potentially leading to shifts in legislative decision-making.

Polish Prime Minister’s Victory

Former EU leader Donald Tusk’s victory over Poland’s national conservative party highlighted a trend of far-right advances across Europe, with implications for democratic values.

Challenges for the EU

These election results present challenges for the EU as it navigates issues like the pandemic, economic recovery, and energy crisis, with potential disruptions to legislative processes.


As the EU grapples with the aftermath of these elections, the balance of power within the parliament has shifted, signaling a new era of political dynamics in the region.

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