Fashion May Be Moving Away from Cancel Culture: Balenciaga, Kanye West, and John Galliano Lead the Way

### High & Low: John Galliano Documentary

The feature-length documentary “High & Low: John Galliano” delves into the rise and fall of the former Dior designer following an antisemitic rant in 2011. The film offers a glimpse into Mr. Galliano’s personal struggles and provides a retrospective look at the fashion landscape of the 1990s. However, what makes this documentary particularly intriguing is the reflections it has sparked on Galliano’s transgressions, redemption, and current status of forgiveness within the fashion industry.

### Fashion Industry Forgiveness

The significance of this documentary extends beyond Galliano’s personal journey to symbolize the official end of his exile from the fashion world. Following his dismissal from Dior and subsequent conviction for hate crimes, Galliano embarked on a path of atonement, eventually landing a new role at Maison Margiela. This narrative reflects a broader shift away from the era of outrage in the fashion industry, where individuals are closely tied to the reputation and success of larger brands.

### Trend of Redemption

Fashion’s capacity for forgiveness is evident in the resurgence of once-disgraced figures like Ye (formerly Kanye West), Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Marchesa, and Alexander Wang. Despite facing controversies ranging from racist remarks to accusations of sexual misconduct, these entities have managed to rebuild their reputations and reclaim their positions in the industry. The cyclical nature of public outrage and redemption underscores the evolving dynamics of cancel culture in the fashion sector.

### Theories of Relativity

The cyclic nature of fashion’s forgiveness can be attributed to various factors, including the industry’s risk aversion and preference for established figures. Amidst global uncertainties and shifting social norms, fashion may gravitate towards familiar faces, even those with tarnished pasts. The prevalence of “outrage fatigue” and changing perceptions of acceptability postulates a nuanced understanding of cancel culture in the context of the Covid era.

### Crime and Punishment

The threshold for forgiveness in fashion remains fluid, with the severity of transgressions often dictating the outcome. While some individuals manage to redeem themselves through their work or social capital, others face more severe consequences, including legal intervention. The discrepancy between local and global perceptions of cancelation highlights the nuanced interplay between public opinion, celebrity status, and industry dynamics in the realm of fashion.

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