Former Chicago Police Officer Karol Chwiesiuk Pleads for Probation Following Conviction in January 6 United States Capitol Attack

Chicago Pair Facing Sentencing for Role in January 6th Mayhem

The Defense’s Perspective

In a forthcoming filing, the attorney representing Karol and Agnes Chwiesiuk will argue that the government’s request for imprisonment goes beyond reason. Chicago attorney Nishay Sanan believes that the government has compiled a jumbled assortment of events from that day, failing to accurately consider the actions of the Chwiesiuk siblings.

A Clash of Views

Sanan’s memo, requesting probation for the defendants, stands in stark contrast to the government’s position. The prosecution urges a Washington, D.C. federal judge to incarcerate former patrolman Chwiesiuk for one year and his sister for eight months.

Prosecution Allegations

The prosecutors accuse Chwiesiuk of lying and committing perjury during his trial, suggesting an attempt to conceal his criminal behavior and mislead the federal jury.

Insight from an Expert

Former federal prosecutor and ABC7 chief legal analyst Gil Soffer suggests that probation would typically be granted for individuals convicted of misdemeanors without prior records. However, in this case, the decision to proceed to trial and the defendant’s testimony failed to impress the government. Given the circumstances, the prosecution’s request for imprisonment aligns with expectations.

Impact of Remorse

Despite being misdemeanors, the Chwiesiuk siblings’ absence of remorse may negatively affect their sentencing, according to Soffer.

The Defense’s Fundraising Effort

Agnes Chwiesiuk has been soliciting funds for their legal defense on a fundraising website, characterizing the January 6th investigation as a “witch hunt” and asserting her exercise of constitutional rights.

Government’s Interpretation

The government views Agnes Chwiesiuk’s fundraising campaign as evidence of a lack of remorse. The fundraising page has since been removed.

Sentencing Date

The sentencing is scheduled for one week from Wednesday.

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