Former divorce attorney of Nathan Wade testifies in hearing in Fulton County regarding allegations of misconduct by Fani Willis

The Controversial Relationship

A former divorce attorney representing Fulton County special prosecutor Nathan Wade recently testified at a hearing regarding his romantic involvement with District Attorney Fani Willis. The exact starting point of their relationship remains uncertain.

Judge Scott McAfee, who presides over the Georgia election interference case involving former President Donald Trump and his associates, ruled that some of Wade’s communications with his former lawyer Terrence Bradley would not be protected under attorney-client privilege. This decision was based on an email chain obtained by NBC News.

Both the DA’s office and a defense attorney involved in the case verified the authenticity of the emails in question.

The Hearing Process

Wade was present at the hearing, which commenced around 2 p.m. ET. Initially, he had declined to waive attorney-client privilege regarding his exchanges with Bradley. McAfee held a private meeting with Bradley and his legal representative prior to scheduling the hearing.

At the hearing, lawyer Ashleigh Merchant, representing Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, inquired about the timeline of the relationship between Wade and Willis. Bradley admitted he could not recall the exact date when it began.

The significance of determining the relationship’s onset lies in Merchant’s argument that Wade and Willis were romantically involved before he was appointed as special counsel, a claim both parties have refuted, insisting their involvement began post-appointment.

The Testimony Twist

During questioning, Bradley mentioned that at some point, Wade disclosed to him that he was dating Willis. However, he could not specify the date of this revelation as it was shared in confidence.

Pressed further on the matter of trips taken by Wade and Willis, Bradley clarified that any information he had on their travels came from his client at the time, indicating a lack of personal involvement in their outings.

Trump’s attorney, Steve Sadow, probed Bradley regarding a text exchange where he speculated on the timing of Wade and Willis’ relationship before Willis assumed her role as DA. Bradley admitted his response was based on speculation and could not elaborate further.

The Allegations

Allegations have surfaced in the election case, suggesting that Willis and Wade have benefited financially from their relationship. McAfee hinted at the possibility of disqualifying Willis from prosecuting the case against Trump and his co-defendants due to these claims, a notion Willis vehemently denies.

In a previous two-day hearing where both Willis and Wade testified, Bradley consistently cited attorney-client privilege as a reason for not answering certain questions. This has led to suspicions that he possesses information contradicting the duo’s court testimonies.

Roman’s lawyers previously alleged that Bradley, being friends with Wade before representing him, could have information regarding the starting point of Willis and Wade’s relationship, a potentially conflicting detail with the testimonies provided in court.

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