Frida Aasen, Victoria’s Secret Model, Demonstrates Full Body Workout in Black Leggings

### Fashion Model Frida Aasen’s Efficient Workout Routine

Fashion model Frida Aasen, 29, showcased her dedication to fitness by sharing a video of her full-body workout session with trainer Kyle Hoffman at the Alo gym in New York. Known for her effective workout routines, Aasen maximizes her exercise regimen to stay in top shape. Fans cheered her on, with one commenting, “Get it girl.” Aasen often documents her workouts on social media, offering a glimpse into her fitness routine.

### Aasen’s Morning Ritual and Workout Preferences

Aasen kickstarts her day with a cup of coffee, especially when preparing for a show. She values this morning ritual as a moment of peace before diving into a busy day filled with fashion engagements. The Norwegian supermodel shared with Vogue Scandinavia that the first sip of coffee energizes her and prepares her for the day ahead. Additionally, Aasen incorporates resistance band workouts into her routine, favoring mini-full-body workouts like donkey kicks, Russian twists, side squats, side planks, jump squats, and jump ropes. She emphasizes the importance of finishing off with a good stretch to maintain flexibility and prevent injury.

### Holistic Approach to Health and Beauty

Aasen advocates for a holistic approach to health and beauty, emphasizing the significance of listening to your body. According to Fashion Week Daily, she believes that taking care of your body internally reflects on the outside. Aasen highlights the connection between lifestyle factors like stress, diet, and skincare issues. She also stresses the importance of wearing sunscreen as a preventive measure for maintaining healthy skin.

### Stress Management and Dietary Choices

In addition to her workout routine, Aasen finds therapeutic benefits in cleaning her house to destress and calm down. Clinical psychologist Dawn Potter, PsyD, explains that cleaning can help individuals restore a sense of control and manage stress and anxiety. Aasen’s dietary preferences lean towards plant-based alternatives, with a focus on chickpeas as a source of non-animal protein. Nutritionist Patricia Bridget Lane, RDN, LDN, praises chickpeas as an excellent protein source for vegetarians and vegans, supporting Aasen’s choice to avoid meat except for fish.

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