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January 6 Attack Suspects Arrested After Three Years

In a significant development, three suspects who had been evading law enforcement since the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol have finally been apprehended. The arrest took place on the third anniversary of the assault, ending the fugitives’ time on the run at a Groveland ranch.

Fugitives Sent to Washington D.C. to Face Charges

The FBI’s Tampa field office confirmed that Jonathan Daniel Pollock, Olivia Michele Pollock, and Joseph Daniel Hutchinson III have been taken into custody and promptly transported to Washington D.C. to face charges related to the Capitol attack. This marks a significant breakthrough in the investigation.

Jonathan Daniel Pollock: Armed, Dangerous, and on the FBI’s Radar

Considered armed and dangerous, Jonathan Daniel Pollock, 24, had been a prime target for law enforcement. In fact, the FBI had offered a substantial reward of up to $30,000 for any information leading to his arrest. This arrest serves as a major victory for the authorities.

Charges Against the Fugitives

Jonathan Daniel Pollock, Olivia Michele Pollock, Joseph Daniel Hutchinson III, and two other defendants were charged in June 2021 in connection with the Capitol attack. Detailed information about the charges can be found on their most wanted posters.

Arrest of Relatives or Close Friends

Although specific details regarding the arrest remain undisclosed, it is believed that the three suspects are either relatives or close friends who resided near each other in Florida. This proximity may have contributed to their ability to evade law enforcement for an extended period of time.

Prior Planning and Coordination

On January 6, the three suspects traveled together to Washington D.C., with some of them donning military-style tactical gear. They stand accused of assaulting U.S. Capitol Police officers in a manner that clearly demonstrated prior planning and coordination. These allegations paint a disturbing picture of their involvement in the attack.

Jonathan Daniel Pollock’s Theft During the Attack

Jonathan Daniel Pollock is also accused of stealing two riot shields from Capitol Police during the attack, as indicated in the indictment. This highlights the extent of his alleged criminal activities on that fateful day.

Federal Charges and Arrest Warrants

Jonathan Daniel Pollock faced federal charges including assaulting, resisting or impeding certain officers or employees, theft of government property, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. However, he managed to evade arrest until now. On the other hand, Joseph Daniel Hutchinson III and Olivia Michele Pollock were previously apprehended in June 2021. Hutchinson was taken into custody in Georgia, while Olivia Michele Pollock was arrested in Florida. Both pleaded not guilty to multiple federal charges.

Fugitives Fail to Appear in Court

The two fugitives were attending court proceedings following their initial arrest. However, Olivia Michele Pollock failed to appear in court in March 2023. Subsequently, arrest warrants were issued. Their jury trial, scheduled to begin on August 7, 2023, could not proceed as both individuals were absent.

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