Healthy Meals for Busy People: Lean Nation

### Avee’s Weight Loss Journey

Four years ago, Avee Barua Choudhury, an Area Manager at British American Tobacco, faced challenges with weight management. His excess body weight led to medical complications like back pain and fatty liver. Despite going to the gym, Avee struggled to control his weight due to long work hours and irregular eating habits. After experimenting with various dieting methods, including keto and intermittent fasting, Avee found lasting success with a meal plan from Lean Nation. Within three months, he lost 25 kilograms and discovered a sustainable solution for his weight loss journey.

### Lean Nation’s Beginnings

Founded in 2016 by four school friends – Anik Raiyan Ilias, Fuad Abdul Quader, Kazi Muhtasim Hassan, and Nadvie Ahmed, Lean Nation delivers healthy, balanced meals to working individuals. Fuad, the director of marketing and business development, identified a gap in the market for nutritious food after returning from the US, where he became accustomed to meals with exact calorie counts. Utilizing their experience in the restaurant business, the founders established Lean Nation to provide fresh, healthy meals to their customers.

### Meal Preparation and Delivery

Lean Nation offers a variety of subscription options, including day-wise plans, weekly, and monthly packages. The kitchen staff procures fresh ingredients daily, prepares meals by midnight, and delivers them between 7 and 9 am. Clients like Avee appreciate the convenience of receiving all meals in the morning, whether to their office or home. With a versatile menu that changes daily, Lean Nation ensures that customers enjoy a variety of delicious and balanced meals.

### Targeting Corporate Workers

Catering to corporate workers with hectic schedules, Lean Nation focuses on providing convenient, healthy meal options for individuals looking to adopt a balanced lifestyle. While other businesses in the market offer similar services, Lean Nation stands out with its loyal customer base. Despite misconceptions about being solely a weight loss service, Lean Nation promotes sustainable, long-term dietary habits and healthy living.

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