House Democrats demand Speaker Johnson provide plan for Ukraine aid before considering job preservation.

House Democrats Consider Fate of Mike Johnson’s Speakership

House Democrats Weigh Options for Speaker’s Future

Pathway to Approving Aid to Ukraine

House Democrats may be pivotal in securing Mike Johnson’s speakership survival. To do so, Johnson needs to present a clear plan for approving aid to Ukraine, as per multiple Democratic sources. If Johnson commits to taking up the Senate’s $95 billion aid package, Democrats are likely to support him overwhelmingly. However, Johnson has shown openness to a bipartisan plan in the House, which includes new border security restrictions that have not garnered much Democratic favor. Additionally, his suggestion of converting the Ukraine aid into a loan has raised doubts among Democrats.

Vote on Speaker’s Fate

The first procedural vote to potentially remove Johnson is expected to revolve around a motion to table Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s resolution to vacate the speakership. Democrats are contemplating their stance on this vote, emphasizing the importance of Johnson publicly outlining his intentions regarding Ukraine aid before taking action.

Republican Concerns

Several House Republicans have expressed apprehension that Greene’s initiative could jeopardize their standing in the upcoming elections. While some members are contemplating supporting Johnson, there is a divide within the Republican ranks on this issue.

Greene’s Strategy

Greene has hinted that she may not proceed with forcing a vote this Congress, indicating a potential delay in the process. The decision to call for a vote rests solely with Greene, creating uncertainty around the future of Johnson’s speakership.

Impact on House Dynamics

The ongoing turmoil in the House has raised concerns about disengagement among the public. Lawmakers are wary of the negative implications of internal conflicts on public perception and voter engagement.

Republican Response

Despite the internal strife, some Republicans are optimistic about maintaining their majority and supporting Johnson to continue as the Speaker of the House. There is a sense of unity among certain members, while others are still deliberating their stance on the matter.

Call for Stability

Republican leaders are urging Johnson to remain steadfast and focused on his duties, rather than succumbing to fear of a potential ouster. Emphasizing the need for stability and coherence within the House, the message is directed at restoring order and productivity in legislative proceedings.

Contributions by: CNN’s Sam Fossum, Morgan Rimmer, and Avery Lotz

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