How to Age Better than Your Parents or Grandparents with a Good Workout Routine

### Jane Fonda’s Approach to Exercise at 86

At 86 years old, Jane Fonda may not be doing her iconic ’80s workout routine anymore, but she hasn’t stopped exercising altogether. Fonda emphasizes the importance of moving slowly and with less weight as she ages, a lesson that can be applied at any stage of life.

### Recalibrating Your Fitness Routine by 55

Exercise physiologist Joan Pagano suggests making peace with the fact that our bodies change as we age. She advises adjusting your fitness program to be effective and safe, especially for women who start losing protective estrogen. It’s essential to address these changes early on to maintain strength and vitality.

### The Importance of Adapting Exercise Programs with Age

Kinesiologist Dan Ritchie emphasizes the need to adjust fitness programs for older adults, as the fitness industry was not initially prepared for the influx of individuals turning 60. The goal is to help individuals move better, improve balance, and reduce the risk of injury as they age.

### Tips for Exercising Safely and Effectively

Both Pagano and Ritchie stress the importance of being open to change and diversifying your exercise routine. Pagano recommends incorporating strength training, cardio, and stretching for a well-rounded program. Ritchie suggests a functional approach tailored to individual goals and activities, emphasizing the need for variety and progression.

### Personalizing Your Fitness Routine

Pagano advises individuals to assess their personal health risks and adapt their exercise routine accordingly. It’s crucial to seek professional guidance and support, especially when dealing with specific health conditions like osteoporosis. Understanding personal limitations and risks is key to exercising safely and effectively.

### Advocating for Your Health

Knowing your body and being proactive about your health is essential as you age. Pagano encourages women to prioritize bone density scans and seek out trainers with experience working with older adults. Understanding your risk factors and making modifications as needed can help you maintain strength and mobility as you get older. Remember, as Fonda advises, it’s important to keep exercising to stay strong and healthy.

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