Increase in oil prices attributed to entrance of Iranian warship into Red Sea

Oil Prices Rise as Iran Sends Warship to Red Sea

Oil Prices Rise as Iran Sends Warship to Red Sea


Recent developments in the Red Sea have caused oil prices to surge. Iran has dispatched a warship to the region, adding to the tension in this crucial waterway for global shipments. This move comes after the U.S. Navy destroyed three boats belonging to Iran-backed Houthi rebels. As a result, oil prices have experienced a significant increase.

The Implications

Global crude benchmark Brent has seen a 1.6% jump to $78.27 per barrel, while the U.S. West Texas Intermediate has risen 1.42% to $72.67 per barrel. The situation remains precarious, with major shipping companies rerouting their vessels to avoid the Red Sea. However, the launch of Operation Prosperity Guardian has provided some reassurance to these companies, and operations are resuming in the area.

The Iranian Warship

Iran announced the dispatch of the Alborz destroyer through the strategic Bab al-Mandeb Strait. Although details of the warship’s mission were not provided, Iran stated that periodic operations are conducted in the Red Sea to secure shipping routes.

The Houthi Rebel Attacks

The Houthi rebel group has been targeting vessels in the Red Sea, particularly Israeli ships and those traveling to or from Israel. This retaliation is in response to Israel’s war in Gaza, which has resulted in a significant number of casualties. Major shipping companies have rerouted their vessels, resulting in higher ocean freight rates.

Expert Analysis

According to Neil Beveridge, Bernstein’s Senior Energy Analyst, any escalation in the conflict will lead to a risk premium on Brent. However, he believes that there won’t be a major impact unless the situation escalates. Despite oversupply concerns, oil prices have remained stable, ignoring the downward pressure on the market.


The situation in the Red Sea continues to be volatile, with Iran’s deployment of a warship and ongoing attacks by Houthi rebels. This has led to an increase in oil prices, with major shipping companies rerouting their vessels to avoid the area. As the situation unfolds, the impact on global oil markets remains uncertain.

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