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Understanding the Impact of Government Spending on Inflation

The Role of Federal Government Spending

High inflation rates may seem confusing, but the key factor to consider is the impact of federal government spending. The American Rescue Plan, the inflation reduction act of 2022, and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 have collectively injected about $3.8 trillion into the economy.

The Escalation of Budget Deficits

This substantial spending has led to a spike in budget deficits, with interest-bearing debt reaching approximately $35 trillion, as reported by Main Street Economics.

Effects on Labor Market and Prices

The surge in fiscal expenditures has artificially boosted demand for labor, resulting in higher employment rates. Additionally, it has tightened the labor market, leading to increased wages and subsequently raising service prices.

Challenges for the Federal Reserve

Excessive government spending presents challenges for the Federal Reserve in managing inflation. By increasing demand during a time when the Fed aims to control it, the task becomes more complex.

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