Intruders breach key port terminal in Haiti, prompting extension of state of emergency

Haiti Violence Escalates as Intruders Break into Port Terminal

Haiti in Crisis: Violence Escalates as Port Terminal Break-In Reported

State of Emergency Extended

In Haiti, intruders broke into a major port terminal as the government extended the state of emergency, with the decree affecting the West Region and Port-au-Prince until April 3. A curfew has been set in place until March 10.

Port Terminal Intrusion

Port-au-Prince’s Caribbean Port Services (CPS) terminal, a key player in Haiti’s food import supply chain, was breached by intruders who targeted the gated warehouse area containing numerous containers.

Unrest and Gang Attacks

The violence in Port-au-Prince has been marked by coordinated gang attacks on law enforcement and state institutions, with one gang leader calling for the government’s overthrow. The chaos has resulted in widespread displacement and disruption of aid distribution.

Aid Distribution Disrupted

The World Food Programme halted maritime transport services in Port-au-Prince, impacting the delivery of food, medical supplies, and equipment across Haiti. Essential supplies are stuck at the port due to the instability, affecting humanitarian organizations.

Healthcare System Under Strain

Haiti’s healthcare system is on the brink of collapse, with medical centers reducing operations due to violence and shortages of personnel and medicine. Hospitals are facing challenges in providing essential services, including oxygen and water.

Political Transition and International Involvement

The US has been calling for a political transition in Haiti, urging Prime Minister Ariel Henry to pave the way for change. Nearby nations are securing borders amid fears of a mass exodus from Haiti as the violence continues.

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