Israeli airstrike on displaced persons camp in Rafah kills at least 45, health ministry reports following Hamas rocket attacks into Israel

Israeli Airstrikes in Rafah

The Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry reported a death toll of 45 from Israeli airstrikes in Rafah, which hit tents for displaced people. Eyewitnesses in Gaza shared that the casualties, including civilians, were rushed to Emirati Hospital. The tents were located near the largest United Nations warehouse in the Gaza Strip.

Response to Rocket Attacks

Following a barrage of rockets fired by Hamas towards central Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey, France, and Qatar condemned the Israeli airstrikes in Rafah. The airstrikes drew criticism as they could disrupt ongoing truce and hostage release talks between Israel and Hamas.

Israel’s Defense

The Israel Defense Forces acknowledged the strike on a Hamas compound in Rafah, stating that it targeted significant Hamas terrorists. The IDF used precise munitions based on intelligence that indicated Hamas’ use of the area. The incident is under review as reports of civilian harm surface.

Ongoing Conflict

The war between Israel and Hamas has resulted in significant casualties and displacement. Local health officials report thousands of deaths and widespread hunger in Gaza. The conflict escalated with Hamas’ attack into Israel and the subsequent hostage situation.

Diplomatic Efforts

Efforts to negotiate the release of hostages held by Hamas are ongoing. Diplomatic talks involving Qatar, Egypt, and the United States aim to make progress in resolving the situation. The international community continues to work towards a peaceful resolution in the region.

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