Israeli Official Warns of Potential Action against Houthi Rebels if International Community Fails to Respond

Israel Ready to Take Action in Red Sea Amidst Houthi Threats

Israeli National Security Adviser, Tzachi Hanegbi, has emphasized that Israel is prepared to counter the efforts of Houthi rebels in Yemen to disrupt shipping in the Red Sea. Hanegbi stated that if the international community fails to address this issue, Israel will take action to remove the naval siege. The Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, have been engaged in a civil war against a Saudi Arabia-backed coalition since 2014. Recently, there has been an increase in Houthi maritime activities following Hamas’ attack on Israel. As a response, US warships have been protecting shipping in the region by shooting down unmanned aerial vehicles originating from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen.

Enhancing Security Measures for Red Sea Shipping

In light of the series of missile attacks by Houthi militants, the US is considering strengthening protections for commercial ships in the Red Sea. Discussions have taken place with members of the Combined Maritime Forces, a multi-national naval task force responsible for safeguarding commercial shipping in the region. The possibility of escorting ships through the Bab-el-Mandeb strait into the Gulf of Aden has been explored as a means to increase security. The US is committed to ensuring the safety of commercial vessels operating in this vital shipping route.

Updates on Gaza Operations and US Concerns

Regarding military operations in Gaza, Hanegbi clarified that the US has not imposed a deadline on Israel. However, the US acknowledges that the Israeli Defense Forces require sufficient time to achieve their goals. Israel’s operation in the southern part of Gaza is expected to last several weeks, targeting specific Hamas militants and leaders. The White House is closely monitoring the situation and remains concerned about civilian casualties. It has firmly communicated to Israel the need to limit the use of devastating tactics and minimize harm to civilians.

Israel’s Response to Hamas Assault

Hanegbi expressed that he believes Hamas’ leadership did not anticipate the extent of Israel’s response to the attack on southern Israel. He stated that the IDF has reached various points within Gaza, eliminating over 7,000 terrorists, with the potential for even higher numbers. Israel is making significant progress in neutralizing the control and command centers of Hamas. While facing difficult decisions, such as the possibility of having to choose between killing Hamas’ leader and saving hostages, Hanegbi indicated that this would indicate a substantial achievement in their operations.

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