Jan. 6 Primary Elections Highlighted Tonight: A Focus from the Politics Desk

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Primaries Spotlight Jan. 6 Riots

Primary Election Day is here in four states, with two key races putting the spotlight on the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. In Maryland, former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn is running in a crowded Democratic primary. Dunn, known for his heroic actions during the riots, has been a vocal advocate for police officers. His campaign has garnered significant attention, with Dunn emerging as a top fundraiser in the race.

On the other side, in West Virginia, former state Del. Derrick Evans, who was involved in storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, is challenging Republican Rep. Carol Miller. Evans, who served time in prison for his role in the riots, has made his actions a focal point of his campaign. The race between Miller and Evans has captured national interest, with potential implications for the upcoming election cycle.

Predicting Split-Ticket Voting in 2024

As the political landscape evolves, questions arise about the possibility of split-ticket voting in the upcoming elections. Maryland Democrats are currently selecting a candidate to run against former Gov. Larry Hogan for a Senate seat. While early polling shows Hogan leading potential Democratic contenders, historical trends suggest that his advantage may diminish closer to the election.

The decline of ticket-splitting in recent years, particularly during the Trump era, raises the bar for candidates seeking bipartisan support. Looking back at past elections, examples from Massachusetts and Hawaii highlight the challenges faced by candidates in states where party loyalty is strong. However, recent polls in critical states like Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin offer a glimmer of hope for candidates in need of split-ticket votes.

While the road to victory through split-ticket voting may be steep, the changing political landscape leaves room for unexpected outcomes in the upcoming election cycle. As voters navigate their choices in a divisive political climate, the potential for split-ticket voting remains a topic of interest and speculation.

Trump’s Involvement in Hush Money Scandal

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen recently testified about his involvement in the hush money payment to adult film actor Stormy Daniels. Cohen admitted to lying about the payment to protect Trump, pointing to the former president’s influence in the situation. Prosecutors have alleged falsification of business records related to the payments, shedding light on the legal implications of the scandal.

These revelations expose the intricate web of deceit surrounding the hush money scandal and highlight the legal challenges faced by those involved. Cohen’s testimony underscores the complex relationship between Trump and his associates, offering a glimpse into the legal battles that have unfolded in recent years.

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