Jeffries urges Johnson to recognize the police who defended Capitol on Jan. 6

The Call for Honoring Capitol Police Heroes

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) urges Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) to fulfill a congressional mandate to commemorate law enforcement officers who defended the Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, attack by installing a plaque in the building.

Delayed Congressional Action

Congress passed a law in March 2022 requiring the placement of a memorial by March 2023. Despite the deadline passing, no plaque has been revealed, prompting Jeffries to push for honoring law enforcement during Police Week, the annual event recognizing the nation’s officers.

Legal Obligation for Recognition

Jeffries emphasized the legal requirement for Congress to designate a significant place in the Capitol to honor law enforcement personnel, including Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police Department members who responded during the insurrection. He stressed the need for House Republicans to acknowledge and respect these brave individuals.

The Aftermath of the Jan. 6 Attack

The aftermath of the Jan. 6 attack has led to divisive debates between parties regarding accountability, with tensions escalating over time. The violent event was instigated by supporters of then-President Trump, causing chaos in an attempt to prevent the certification of President Biden’s victory.

Polarizing Reactions

Republican criticisms of Trump’s involvement in the riot initially waned as his base remained loyal. Recent months have seen a decline in reproach, with some GOP lawmakers defending arrested rioters and accusing the Biden administration of mistreating them.

Partisan Disputes and Hypocrisy

Democrats have condemned Republicans for supporting law enforcement during Police Week while defending the Capitol attackers. Rep. Pete Aguilar highlighted the challenges in collaborating with Republicans on police reforms when they overlook the events of Jan. 6.

Political Ramifications

Trump’s staunch defense of the rioters has shielded GOP leaders from highlighting the violence against law enforcement on Jan. 6, delaying the unveiling of a commemorative plaque. While efforts are underway to mount the plaque, no timeline has been provided by Johnson’s office.

Democratic Persistence

Democratic leaders, led by Jeffries, are determined to ensure the memorial plaque is unveiled promptly. Jeffries confirmed the physical presence of the plaque on the Capitol Complex, awaiting a decision from the Republican majority for an official ceremony to honor the law enforcement heroes.


In conclusion, the call to honor the bravery of law enforcement officers who defended the Capitol during the Jan. 6 attack remains a focal point of contention between political parties. The delayed installation of the memorial plaque underscores the ongoing tensions surrounding the events of that day and the need for bipartisan recognition of the sacrifices made by law enforcement.

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