Joe Biden questions how Trump would have responded if Black Americans led Capitol riots

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Joe Biden’s Strong Critique of Donald Trump‘s Record on Racism

During a recent address at an NAACP dinner in Detroit, Joe Biden launched a scathing attack on Donald Trump’s handling of the January 6 insurrection. The former president’s response to the event, which was predominantly led by white supporters, raised questions about how he would have reacted if Black Americans were involved.

Battle for African American Voters

Biden’s remarks underscored an escalating battle between himself and Trump to secure the support of African American voters ahead of the upcoming presidential election. With the majority of Trump’s base being white, Biden’s focus on racial equality and justice aims to appeal to voters from diverse backgrounds.

Capitol Insurrection Fallout

While addressing the audience in Detroit, Biden highlighted the aftermath of the Capitol insurrection, where over 1,200 individuals have been charged for their involvement. Trump’s delayed response to the violence and his subsequent praise for the rioters have further intensified the political divide.

Protecting Democracy

Biden emphasized the importance of safeguarding democracy and denounced Trump’s actions post-election. By championing diversity, equality, and inclusion, he positioned himself as a staunch defender of civil rights and vowed to counter any threats to America’s democratic values.

Future Threats

Warning against the repercussions of a potential Trump re-election, Biden cautioned against the increased risks posed by the former president. He pointed out Trump’s erratic behavior post-2020 election defeat, indicating a shift towards more extreme and unpredictable actions if given another term in office.

Union Support and Democratic Values

Biden highlighted his alignment with union workers and contrasted his actions with Trump’s perceived disrespect towards labor unions. By showcasing his support for working-class Americans, he aimed to solidify his connection with key voter demographics in battleground states like Michigan.


Overall, Biden’s speech not only criticized Trump’s handling of racial issues and democratic principles but also positioned himself as a champion of equality, diversity, and inclusion. With the upcoming election on the horizon, the battle for African American voters remains a pivotal factor in shaping the political landscape of the United States.

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