Jorge López expresses regret to Mets teammates

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López’s Instagram Clarification

In a recent Instagram post translated from Spanish to English, López made it clear that he did not intend to insult the New York Mets organization. Despite being ejected from a game for disputing a call, López expressed his feelings without remorse, creating controversy over his choice of words.

Clarification of Controversy

The controversy surrounding López’s comments revolved around whether he referred to the Mets as “the worst team in the whole [expletive] MLB” or labeled himself as “the worst teammate.” López later clarified his statement, emphasizing that he was criticizing his own performance rather than the team.

Miscommunication in English

López acknowledged that his attempt to communicate in English led to confusion and inaccurate headlines. His Instagram post sought to set the record straight and provide context to his previous statements.

Manager’s Response

Manager Carlos Mendoza avoided discussing the specific reasons for López’s removal from the team but emphasized the importance of maintaining standards and controlling emotions on the field. He made it clear that certain behaviors would not be tolerated within the organization.

Next Steps for López

Following López’s designation for assignment, the Mets have a limited time to trade him or release him. With his solid performance this season, López remains a valuable asset for potential claiming by another team. However, the Mets have already moved on by calling up a replacement and focusing on the future.

Looking Ahead

Despite the disappointment over López’s actions, Mendoza expressed a desire to put the incident behind them and continue forward. The team is prepared to move on and maintain their focus on upcoming games.

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