Kim Kardashian’s Bold Fashion Choice at the Balenciaga Show Was Intentional

### Kim Kardashian Stuns at Balenciaga’s Paris Fashion Week Show
Kim Kardashian made a grand entrance at the Balenciaga’s Paris Fashion Week show, wearing a gothic gown that would make Morticia Addams proud. The reality star donned a lace turtleneck dress from the luxury fashion house’s fall/winter 2024-2025 collection, featuring a sheer bust, dramatic sleeve flares, and an unexpected open back accentuated by her slicked back ponytail.

### The Fashion Faux Pas
While Kardashian’s outfit was undoubtedly eye-catching, one accessory stole the spotlight – a large Balenciaga tag left dangling down her back. The oversight raised eyebrows, as most shoppers would ensure to tuck in any tags on an expensive garment, especially for a high-profile event like Paris Fashion Week. It seems Kardashian missed the memo on this fashion faux pas.

### Lack of Awareness
The presence of the tag on Kardashian’s dress raised questions about the lack of awareness surrounding the fashion mishap. It seemed surprising that none of the photographers or attendees at the event gave her a heads up about the conspicuous tag. Despite the attention-grabbing gown and flawless makeup, the oversight of the tag became a focal point of Kardashian’s ensemble.

### Unintended Attention
Although Kim Kardashian’s outfit was undoubtedly stunning, the unintentional addition of the Balenciaga tag drew unintended attention. The incident served as a reminder that even celebrities can overlook minor details when it comes to their fashion choices. Nevertheless, Kardashian managed to carry the look with confidence, showcasing her ability to own any style she wears on the runway.

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