Kremlin’s Outreach to Trump’s GOP Evident in Putin’s Interview with Tucker Carlson

The Truth Behind Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Putin

The Kremlin’s Curated Narrative

As Russian state television propagandists eagerly anticipated Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Vladimir Putin, it didn’t take long for the first falsehood about Carlson’s visit to Moscow to be exposed. Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, punctured Carlson’s claim that prominent U.S. media outlets had refused to interview Putin since the invasion of Ukraine, labeling it as false. Peskov clarified that they receive numerous requests for interviews with the president, although they routinely block requests from major Western outlets. The decision to allow Carlson’s interview reflects Putin’s interest in building bridges with the disruptive MAGA faction within the Republican Party and his hope that Republicans would continue blocking U.S. military aid to Ukraine.

Exploiting Divisions and Polarizing the United States

Pro-Trump Republicans are a natural ally for Putin not only on issues regarding LGBTQ+ rights but also because the Kremlin has a history of exploiting divisions in American society and interfering in U.S. politics. By collaborating with Carlson, Putin aims to reinforce the false narrative about Ukraine, weaken President Biden, and strengthen Trump. The toxic propaganda clip resulting from their partnership may be the most effective yet created.

The Kremlin’s Preference for Carlson

Peskov stated that the Kremlin prefers to grant interviews to Carlson over major Western media outlets, accusing them of bias and taking a one-sided stance. He emphasized that there is no benefit in giving interviews to media outlets that lack impartiality. Despite the preference for Carlson, Western media organizations continue to express a keen interest in interviewing Putin. However, Peskov made it clear that the Kremlin has no intention of engaging with media outlets that maintain a biased approach to their coverage.

Carlson’s Alignment with Kremlin Propaganda

Carlson’s views often align with Kremlin propaganda regarding Russia’s war on Ukraine. His opposition to U.S. military aid to Ukraine and his attacks against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky make him an ideal partner for Putin. In celebrating Carlson’s interview with Putin, pro-Kremlin commentator Sergei Markov echoed Putin’s spin on the war and falsely claimed that major Western news media had been banned from interviewing Putin due to their acknowledgment of Russia’s righteousness.

A Controversial Visit and Public Outrage

Many individuals expressed their dismay and disbelief at Carlson’s decision to visit Moscow instead of Ukraine, where the conflict is taking place. Prominent Russian journalist Yevgenia Albats, currently residing in the United States, criticized Carlson, highlighting the sacrifices Russian journalists have made in reporting on the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine. Ukrainians were deeply offended by Carlson’s interview, sharing images on social media of the impact of Russian missiles on their capital city.

A Demand for Surrender and Peace Talks

In suggesting peace talks, Russia has demanded Ukraine’s total capitulation, including the surrender of territory that Russia is attempting to seize. Moscow has also called for Ukraine’s “neutrality,” requiring the country to abandon its aspirations to join the EU and NATO. Putin has accused Ukraine of being led by a Nazi regime without providing any evidence. Despite casualties and growing fatigue among Russians, the majority of whom desire a swift peace deal, such an agreement would be unacceptable to Ukrainians, including those residing in occupied areas.

Russian Media’s Obsession with Carlson

Russian state media have mentioned Carlson over 2,000 times in recent days, going as far as tailing his vehicle and reporting on his activities in Moscow. The attention given to Carlson has resulted in jokes on social media about the Russian state propaganda’s infatuation with a foreigner who came to visit.

Validation of the Kremlin’s Narrative

Pro-war Russian state television military reporter Yevgeny Poddubny hailed Carlson’s interview with Putin as evidence that “our truth” is now in high demand in the West. Vladimir Solovyov, a Kremlin-backed propagandist, even suggested that Carlson’s interview would be the final blow to any hope for approval from the West.

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