Lakeland man pleads not guilty to Jan. 6 charges and is released

Arrest of Lakeland Man Linked to U.S. Capitol Attack

Thomas Osborne, a resident of Lakeland, recently entered a plea of not guilty to four charges tied to the U.S. Capitol attack. This plea occurred during an arraignment held before U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta.

Charges and Arrest

Osborne faced arrest on February 22 at his Lakeland residence. The charges brought against him include a felony charge of civil disorder, as well as misdemeanor charges for entering and remaining in a restricted building, disorderly conduct, and disruption in a restricted building.

Judicial Proceedings

Following Osborne’s arrest, he appealed a magistrate judge’s order for detention pending trial. Judge Mehta granted this appeal, allowing Osborne to be released on personal recognizance. Prosecutors had pushed for his pre-trial detention.

Connections to Fugitives

Prosecutors highlighted Osborne’s relationship with Jonathan and Olivia Pollock, who were indicted for felony charges related to the January 6 riot. The Pollocks were captured by the FBI earlier in the year in Lake County after becoming fugitives.

Additional Allegations

Further allegations against Osborne included harboring another fugitive, Christopher Worrell, at his Lakeland home. Worrell had fled after being convicted on multiple charges stemming from the January 6 events. Prosecutors also mentioned the presence of survival bags and loaded weapons in Osborne’s residence.

Legal Representation

Jeffrey Brown was appointed by Judge Mehta to serve as Osborne’s legal defender in this case.

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