Macon man, 93, completes 1,000 pushups daily

### Gene Pollard: Macon Peaches Player Stays Fit at 93

Gene Pollard, a former player for the Macon Peaches, has defied age with his commitment to fitness. At 93 years old, he continues to challenge himself with hundreds of pushups five days a week, totaling up to a remarkable 1070 pushups per day. Despite health issues and off days, Pollard remains dedicated to his routine, citing his will to keep moving as the driving force behind his daily exercise regimen.

### A Lifetime of Dedication to Fitness

Pollard’s journey towards fitness began long before his retirement, as he recalls starting his day with 20 pushups for over 20 years. Working for the Department of Defense and experiencing significant historical events like the fall of the Berlin Wall, Pollard’s active lifestyle laid the foundation for his current dedication to fitness. Even in his youth, Pollard’s involvement with the Macon Peaches organization instilled in him the importance of exercise, setting him on a path towards lifelong physical activity.

### Balancing Fitness and Hobbies

Beyond his fitness routine, Pollard leads a multifaceted life, engaging in activities like pool playing, furniture making, and painting. However, he views his exercise regimen, which includes interval stops on the bike, as an essential “insurance policy” for his future. Pollard’s commitment to staying fit is driven by his desire to continue his routine and avoid the possibility of being unable to resume it if he were to stop.

### A Lesson in Aging Gracefully

Pollard’s disciplined approach to fitness serves as a valuable example of aging gracefully, showcasing the importance of consistent physical activity and a positive mindset towards health. His dedication to maintaining his fitness routine, even at 93, inspires others to prioritize their well-being and embrace an active lifestyle. Through Pollard’s story, we are reminded of the transformative power of exercise and the impact it can have on one’s quality of life.

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