Macy’s to Close 150 Stores while Expanding Bloomingdale’s and Bluemercury

Macy’s Unveils Strategy Shift

Macy’s New Strategy

Macy’s announced on Tuesday a strategic overhaul that will see the closure of about 150 stores over the next three years. At the same time, the company plans to expand its upscale Bloomingdale’s and Bluemercury chains.

CEO’s Vision

The decisions reflect the vision of Macy’s new chief executive, Tony Spring, to enhance the profitability of the leading department store operator in the United States and thwart a possible takeover bid.

Retail Footprint Adjustment

This marks the second significant downsizing of the Macy’s chain since 2020, reducing the number of stores to 350, slightly above half the pre-pandemic count.

Store Closure Strategy

Macy’s stated that the locations earmarked for closure were underproductive, constituting 25% of total square footage but only 10% of sales. The move is expected to generate $600 million to $750 million in revenue.

Focus on Quality

“We have to focus on having the best stores, not the largest number of stores,” said Mr. Spring during an analyst call on Tuesday.

Store Notifications

The company plans to begin notifying employees at the targeted stores for closure on the same day. Approximately 50 stores will shut down this fiscal year, with the remainder closing by the end of 2026.

Retail Expansion Plans

While reducing the retail footprint, Bloomingdale’s will open 15 new locations, and Bluemercury will add 30 stores. The move aims to leverage e-commerce sales to enhance digital sales in surrounding areas.

Shift Towards Smaller Stores

Macy’s will introduce smaller-format Bloomingdale’s stores known as Bloomie’s and outlet stores over the next three years. The company has been focusing on strip malls rather than enclosed malls to adapt to changing shopping trends.

Repositioning for Success

The decision to reduce midmarket Macy’s stores while expanding luxury chains signals a strategic repositioning to attract consumers looking for a higher-end experience.

Catering to Customer Needs

Customer research indicated a desire for enhanced shopping experiences at Macy’s, including better visual merchandising and customer service. Asset sales will fund improvements like revamping merchandise assortments.

Focus on Employee Training

Macy’s plans to increase staff levels in certain stores, utilizing data to determine optimal staffing and training workers to provide personalized recommendations to customers.

Investor Pressure

An investor group recently submitted a bid to take Macy’s private, prompting the company to evaluate candidates nominated to the board while emphasizing financial results and the three-year strategy.

Financial Outlook

Despite a recent slump in sales, Macy’s reported fourth-quarter earnings in line with estimates. The company anticipates incurring a $1 billion charge related to restructuring and store closures.

Looking Ahead

Macy’s ongoing transformations under Mr. Spring’s leadership reflect a commitment to addressing challenges and steering the company towards sustainable growth.

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