Man’s Attempt to Light Cigarette Near Propane Canisters Causes SUV Explosion

SUV Explosion Shakes Van Nuys Parking Lot

Unexpected Incident

An SUV parked in a Van Nuys parking lot on Thursday night suddenly exploded after the driver lit a cigarette next to some propane canisters he stored inside.

Emergency Response

Firefighters and police rushed to a supermarket parking lot in the 7200 block of Van Nuys Boulevard after receiving a call about an SUV that exploded around 10:30 p.m., police said.

Propane Explosion

Investigators with the Los Angeles Police Department determined it was a propane explosion that caused the SUV to blow up. The man inside the vehicle suffered minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Dramatic Impact

The explosion left the Toyota SUV mostly in mangled pieces, with debris flying in all directions. Witnesses reported hearing the sound of the explosion several blocks away, likening it to an earthquake rattling the windows.

Community Response

Ken Smith, a local resident, described how the explosion startled the neighborhood, with neighbors quickly gathering outside their homes to assess the situation. LAPD closed the parking lot following the detonation.


No further details have been released by authorities about the SUV explosion in Van Nuys, leaving the community and onlookers curious about the cause of this unexpected event.

Written by Matthew Rodriguez, a digital producer for CBS Los Angeles, covering breaking news and crime. Previously reported for local outlets like the Argonaut and Pasadena Weekly.

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