Memo Shows Jan 6 Officer-Turned-Congressional Candidate Violated Capitol Police Policy

Former U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn’s Bid for Congress Takes Center Stage

In a stunning move, former U.S. Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn is making waves in Maryland’s third congressional district race. Dunn, now a congressional candidate, recently made his paid advertising debut on Maryland airwaves with a campaign spot that delves into his involvement in the January 6, 2021 riots on the United States Capitol.

Controversy Surrounding Dunn’s Past Incident

New details emerged about a past incident involving Dunn, shedding light on his controversial history. An internal memo from the U.S. Capitol Police revealed a violent domestic incident where Dunn was involved. The document highlighted that Dunn stored his firearm at home in a unit with a broken locking mechanism, in violation of U.S. Capitol Police policy.

The Domestic Altercation Incident

The incident occurred on November 22, 2011, when Dunn had a violent altercation with his wife over a domestic issue. Both parties sustained minor scratches during the altercation, prompting a visit from the Montgomery County Police Department. Despite the incident, no charges were pressed, and Dunn’s wife allegedly wiggled a paring knife in his direction during the argument.

Response to the Allegations

When questioned about the incident, Dunn and his wife issued a joint statement addressing the decade-old disagreement, emphasizing that they were not physically violent toward each other or their family. They urged respect for their privacy and attributed the leaks to targeted attacks stemming from Dunn’s heroism during the January 6th riots.

Security Concerns and Gun Safety

Concerns were raised about Dunn’s retention on the force post-incident, especially regarding the retention of an unsecured service weapon. The U.S. Capitol Police did not immediately respond to requests for comments regarding Dunn’s security clearance and retention. Dunn’s campaign consulting team addressed the issue, revealing that Dunn had received a suspension for the broken lock on his home lockbox.

Dunn’s Congressional Campaign and Recognition

Despite the controversy, Dunn announced his candidacy for Maryland’s third congressional district seat, seeking to fill the void left by retiring Rep. John Sarbanes. His vocal stance on the January 6 riots has garnered attention, leading to his testimony before the House Select Committee. Dunn’s commitment to protecting the Capitol earned him the Presidential Citizens Medal from President Joe Biden.

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