My girlfriend is upset with me for glancing when she asked if she appeared overweight in an outfit

### Man’s Girlfriend Stops Speaking to Him After He Answers ‘Innocent’ Question Honestly

A young man was left shocked and confused when his girlfriend stopped speaking to him after he answered what he thought was an innocent question honestly. The 18-year-old, who was excited about being in his first relationship, found himself in hot water when his girlfriend tried on a dress for her aunt’s upcoming wedding. She then turned to him and asked the dreaded question: ‘Do I look fat in this dress?’

### A Misunderstanding Leads to Silence

The man took a moment to look her up and down before answering. This decision infuriated his partner, who expected him to respond without hesitation. Confused by her reaction, the man turned to Reddit to seek advice. He questioned whether he was in the wrong for wanting to answer truthfully and believed that looking at her before answering was necessary.

### Different Perspectives on the Situation

While many Reddit users believed that the man did nothing wrong, some suggested that there might have been better ways to address his girlfriend’s insecurities. One user advised him to go beyond a simple yes or no and compliment her appearance in the dress. Another shared their personal experience, stating that their fiancé always acknowledged their discomfort rather than focusing on their physical appearance.

### The Trap of the ‘Fat Question’

However, others criticized the girlfriend for asking what they deemed to be a toxic and loaded question. They argued that it puts the person being asked in a difficult position, as there seems to be no right answer. Some claimed that the question itself is a trap, and regardless of the response, it can lead to conflict. One user advised against asking such questions, suggesting that if someone feels insecure about their body, they should focus on healthier habits rather than seeking validation from others.

### Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

While this incident may have caused tension between the couple, it serves as a lesson for both parties to communicate better and understand each other’s perspectives. It is essential to approach sensitive topics with empathy and find constructive ways to address insecurities within a relationship.

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