NASA creates air purse for Paris Fashion Week debut

### Innovative Air Purse Debuts at Coperni’s Fall 2024 Paris Fashion Week Show

Coperni shocked attendees at its Fall 2024 Paris Fashion Week show by unveiling a groundbreaking handbag made entirely of air. The Paris-based fashion label, known for its avant-garde creations, collaborated with NASA to create the Air Swipe bag, a translucent accessory that weighs only 33 grams – equivalent to a standard lightbulb.

### A Collaboration with NASA and Silica Aerogel

The Air Swipe bag is composed of 99% air and 1% glass, utilizing silica aerogel, the lightest solid on Earth, which is often used by NASA. The brand worked alongside Ioannis Michaloudis, a visual artist and researcher, to develop the innovative accessory, which required 15 prototypes to perfect.

### The Magic of Silica Aerogel

Described as both scientific and poetic, the Air Swipe bag has a cloud-like appearance that captivates onlookers. The material, silica aerogel, has unique properties, with NASA having used it in missions like Stardust to capture stardust samples from comets. Despite its delicate nature, the purse is said to be non-fragile and can hold items like an iPhone.

### Coperni’s Legacy of Innovation

Coperni’s co-founders, Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, are no strangers to pushing the boundaries of fashion technology. In the past, the label gained viral attention for spray-painting a dress onto Bella Hadid and incorporating robo-dogs from Boston Dynamics into their runway show. This season, their focus on sci-fi themes continues to captivate audiences.

### The Future of Fashion Technology

The Air Swipe bag represents a new frontier in fashion, blending cutting-edge materials with artistic vision. As fans marvel at the ethereal design, Coperni’s commitment to innovation and creativity shines through. With each collection, the brand cements its reputation as a leader in the intersection of fashion and technology.

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