Netanyahu states ceasefire in Gaza will not happen until Israel’s war aims are accomplished

The Standoff in Gaza: Netanyahu’s Stance

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stands firm on the condition that there will be no lasting peace in Gaza until Hamas’s military and governing structures are dismantled, and all hostages are set free.

This position follows US President Joe Biden’s revelation that Israel has put forward a three-phase proposal to Hamas, with the goal of achieving a permanent ceasefire.

Conditions for Ceasefire

Mr. Netanyahu’s office reiterated that Israel’s requirements for ending the conflict remain unchanged – the annihilation of Hamas’s military and governing capabilities, the release of all hostages, and ensuring Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel.

The statement emphasized that Israel will persist in demanding these conditions be met before committing to a permanent truce.

Hamas’s Response and Biden’s Proposal

A senior Hamas official indicated willingness to consider the deal proposed by Israel if reciprocated.

President Biden outlined a plan consisting of three phases – starting with a ceasefire, followed by the exchange of hostages, and concluding with a reconstruction initiative.

The Road to Resolution

The proposal by Biden appears to address the demands of both Israel and Hamas, potentially paving the way for a lasting peace agreement.

While challenges may arise, particularly from far-right factions in Israel, there is potential for support if key figures like Yair Lapid back the deal.

Looking Ahead

As discussions continue, the situation in Gaza remains tense, with diplomatic efforts underway to reopen key crossings and facilitate aid delivery to the region.

With casualties mounting and peace negotiations ongoing, the path to a resolution is fraught with challenges and complexities.

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